Launching Online Invoices!

After a year of hard work, intense research, development and testing – our new online invoicing system is ready to go live. It should do just about everything you need to generate quotes, invoices and then run subscriptions automatically, while keeping things secure and transparent.

The Full Story

Online Invoices is really a logical development, from years of work creating and managing online services, websites and web applications for all levels of business. It has been clear that small businesses at least, has needed a simple and effective tool to manage invoicing and billing, and we think we have come up with the answer. We have made it user-friendly and intuitive… you may need to have a look at the manual for some of the more intricate functions, but generally it should be easy to use – straight out of the box.

Many of our existing clients had suggested that we develop an online invoicing or payment system for them, usually focused on one feature or another, specific to their business needs. We started to realize if we could build a system that could work for all of them; it could have positive and wide-ranging applications for businesses everywhere. Most small businesses have problems allowing time for administration, and often find that they leave invoicing till last, or miss some recurring invoices for instance, and this causes confusion and obviously loss of income. Our Online Invoices system makes managing these things easy, and adds a high level of automation to many ongoing invoicing tasks. Not only is it simple to use, but we have made it cheap to operate, so it is a sensible and cost-effective solution.

We had a look at what was already out there and what other systems were trying to do. Obviously there is no point in simply creating yet another system, which does the same things, and we decided early on that the key to our system must be simplicity, speed and efficiency. We have combined these basic concepts with a focus on security and easy integration with generally used accounting software, so that Online Invoices should be easy to pick up and integrate whatever your business has been doing up to now.

Of course every business has different requirements, some more complex than others, so we have also tried to ensure that we have covered many aspects of more advanced functionality, so the system can grow with the business and accommodate the twists and turns of everyday business life.

It is Just the Start

We have a hundred more ideas and every day the internet and business itself develops in new and interesting ways, so although Online Invoices even now covers a lot of ground, this is but a small part of what it will do in the future! We could wait and add every detail now, but if we did that we would never see the light of day and the great things that it can do would never be done.

So, we are ready to go… We know it is a good thing, even a great thing and it could be the tool that your business needs to really move forward, to get you out of the office and terminal paperwork and actually doing the business you love.

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