How to Add New Clients in Online Invoices

To start invoicing your clients you will need to add them and you can do so following these steps:

1- From the”Clients” menu choose “Add  New Client“.

2- Add the new client’s details: Please Note only the requires fields are (Your client’s business name, client number and client’s  email address if you choose “Send Via Email” Invoicing method).


  1. Complete the “Client Details” field:
    1. Business Name Enter the client business name here. If there is no organization name, simply add the client’s full name, and leave “First Name” and “Last Name” empty.
    2. Add your Client’s Business details:  Name, Telephones and Address.
  1. Complete the “Account Details”:
    1. Client Number: By default your system will automatically generate the next available client number. You can change the number if required (providing you select a number which has not already been taken) and the system will then select the next available number when you add your next client.
    2. Invoicing Method:  You can select one of those methods:
      1. Send Via email: It is compulsory to enter the client email address. Once this has been done you will also be able to;
        1. Set client online login details,
        2. Set automatic email reminders which are sent for unpaid invoices, and
        3. The client is able to pay the invoice online and approve your terms & conditions.
      2. Print (Offline): You will not have to add the client’s emails if you choose this option, choosing this option will allows you to only print and invoice your clients offline.
  2. Currency: If you require a different currency for a client (different to the default currency entered in the global settings), enter the required currency here. When this client is selected on the invoice creation page, the currency of the invoice will automatically change to the currency entered here.
  3. Email: Enter your client’s email address here.
  4. Password: Enter the password that your client use to login to the system
    1. Generate Password Automatically: If you select this option a new password will be generated by the system and emailed to the client.
    2. Send online login details to client: A new client password (and  link to the site) will be emailed to the clients email address.
  5. Click on the Save button to save the new client.

    Contact us if you have an issue or more questions.

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