Profit and Loss Report

What is Profit & Loss Report (P&L) ?

The profit and loss statement is a summary of the financial performance of a business over time (monthly, quarterly or annually is most common). It reflects the past performance of the business and is the report most often used by small business owners to track how their business is performing.
To access the Profit and Loss report (P&L):
From the “Finance” menu choose “Profit & Loss Report“.
  1. Choose a Period: Monthly, Quarterly (3 months) or Yearly.
  2. Income: Choose to include only paid invoices in the income or all invoices.
  3. Date Range: Choose a date range.
  4. Currency: Choose a currency.
Click “Show Report” to generate the report.


profit and loss report


 Once the report is generated you can Export it to CSV ,PDF or print it.

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