7 Tips to know how to get invoice paid on time

7 Tips to know how to get invoice paid on time 




For free lancers and small or medium sized business owners, it’s critical to get paid on time. Slow or late payments may ruin business, and businesses count on the steady payments to keep their businesses afloat. Here are 7 Tips any freelancer or small business needs to follow to get invoices paid faster.




1. Get and confirm the customer data


First, obviously, you need to get your customer‘s physical address and online address as well. Online addresses contain e-mail addresses and social media accounts. You need to make your customers confirm these addresses by any means necessary. Using online invoicing software will help you to easily track this information.


2. Invoice once the job is done


There is no perfect date or time, so once you finish your hard work and feel comfortable with it, invoice your customer immediately. The chances are very high that you will receive your payment early, or at least on time.


3. Expectations and terms


Add in the invoice the term of payment and late fees, and add a discount if your customer pays their invoice early.


4. Give your customer paying options


Customers are not all alike, so you may find a customer that prefers cash and another prefers an online paying method or even a bank transfer. You should consider adding as many options as you can. Using  our online invoicing software will help you give your customers all the available payment routes and allow you to track it also.


5. Effective communication


Finishing your customer’s job isn’t a dead end for communication between you two. You need to follow up with your customer and keep a constant communication route with them. That’s a big factor in getting your payment faster.


6. Call directly


You need to call your customer to confirm the receipt of the invoice, and if there are any delays in payment, calling the customer is much more effective than e-mailing. Remember: be friendly but professional while speaking with them, and remind them what lateness means and the discounts available on early payments.


7. Get a friend inside


Make one or two personal relationships within your client’s company, especially the financial department. Personal relationships never let you down.


Get paid in advance


“The Eighth Tip”


Yes, the customer asked you to do the job because they like what you offer. So asking to get paid the full contract value or a good percentage in advance makes a lot of sense.





Give your customer a high quality product, steady communication and follow ups; give them different payments methods, and be clear with them in the payment terms. Using good online invoicing software is the best way to get paid in time.


Have you ever had a problem with customers in collecting bills? How did you solve it?



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